Summer’s here – it’s a busy time on the farm!

Even though the cows are out in the fields grazing every day, there is still plenty to be done around the farmyard. This is the time of the year when we do lots of different jobs to prepare for the winter.

A couple of weeks ago we harvested our second cut of silage. This is mown grass which is covered in plastic and preserved for the winter. Silage is a lot more moist than hay and the cows love it!

We also cleaned out and disinfected the shed where the calves live. With over 100 calves born every year from October onwards it can be a very busy maternity ward! Hygiene is hugely important on the farm to make sure our animals stay healthy and comfortable.

This week we have a man coming down to scan our heifers. Heifers are young cows and many of them will be having their first calf this winter. In very much the same way as any new mother, they are scanned to make sure everything is going well. Our lucky heifers don’t have to travel to hospital for the scan though- no queuing for them!

A very important time on the calendar is the grain harvest at the end of August. We grow our own barley for feed and the straw is used both for food and for bedding. Unfortunately the wet summer has made the conditions difficult for the harvest, so fingers crossed everything goes smoothly.