We’re a family business with a great team of people who manage the herd of Friesian cows and make yogurt with a real passion for what they do.

The Dunne Family

Killowen Farm is run by 3 generations of the Dunne Family. Nicholas and his wife Judith, along with sisters Pauline, Mary and Michelle all help produce and distribute our delicious yogurt. Grandparents Tom and Mary still play an active role on the farm, keeping the machines running and dinner on the table. The youngest Dunnes are help out too: Charlie, Martha and Anna are our chief tasters!

Our Team

Killowen Farm is proud to have such a great team of people who help with everything here on the farm. Everybody pitches in with different tasks as required, whether it involves caring for the cows, making the yogurt and packaging it, or handling the orders that come in to make sure that the products are delivered and get to a shop near you on time. If goes without saying that we know about our yogurt! Between the family and the great team of staff, we sample lots of products every week, be it trying new ideas or tasting products we already provide to make sure we’re happy with what’s going out to our customers. Everyone has their favourite flavour, be it Wexford Rhubarb, Wexford Blackcurrant, Natural, or the ever-popular Strawberry Killowen Yogurts! Thanks to everyone who helps make our products as well as everyone who eats them!

Our Values

“Nowadays, more and more people want to know not just what has gone into their food, but also where and how it has been grown and made! These customer values match those of the Dunne family, which all led them to start making Killowen yogurt products on the farm. The production unit is of course very small compared to other yogurt factories, but it is a 21st century facility which makes the entire range without needing any preservatives. In addition, all the products have no artificial colours or flavours, and of course, the cows that give the milk for the yogurt live in a very carefully managed environment.”