It’s Milking Time!

On the farm the cows start their day around 7.00 am, when they come in from the fields to be milked. Unlike sheep, we don’t need a dog to help round them up. Cows are creatures of habit and love their daily routine, so if you don’t show up, they will come looking for you! There’s no chance of sleeping it out either, as they will stand mooing at the gate until you appear.

The room where cows are milked is called a milking parlour and we have an Alfa Laval milking machine system which lets us milk 16 cows at once. They come in from the holding pen into the milking stall in their own pecking order.

Sean disinfects each cow’s udder before attaching the milking machine. The milk is drawn up through a series of pipes and filters into a refrigerated tank. The milking process takes just a few minutes before the cow heads back out into the yard to await her companions for the trip back to the fields. Milking the herd takes about an hour and a half and it’s repeated again in the evening.

From the cow to the storage tank is only few metres distance, so our milk truly is 100% fresh.