Sugar is now a major source of concern, as the negative health-impact it can have when heavily consumed on a daily basis becomes more and more evident.



Sugar has been part of our diet for thousands of years because it occurs naturally in so many of the things we eat, be it milk, cereals (wheat, corn, etc) and nearly every type of fruit & vegetable. We humans have a survival instinct, and food with lots of sugar is the fastest energy source for us to recover when weak or tired so we’re programmed to like the taste from birth. However, sugar has none of the nutritional things like proteins, vitamins and fibre that humans need to stay strong and healthy. Processed sugar was invented less than a couple of hundred years ago, and since then, it has become an ingredient that adds taste to thousands of things we like to eat. In Ireland, just like many other countries, the increased consumption of processed sugar has literally multiplied our average daily sugar-intake versus a couple of hundred years ago. Diabetes, obesity, and other health issues are widely accepted as knock-on effects of having too much sugar in our daily food and drink.



A solution would be easy to program on a computer, but we humans aren’t that simple. Science may be evolving and might find a solution, but it could take decades to discover, and more decades for the long term knock-on effects of such solutions to surface, so at Killowen, we believe that focusing on a balanced diet is the best way to get our sugar intake under control.



Killowen’s natural yogurt products have no added sugar and Killowen’s entire range of fruity and other flavoured yogurts has seen a reduction in the amount of sugar. Killowen Yogurts recognises the need to help address the issues without rushing to artificial sweeteners.

So what does that mean in terms of yogurt versus a bar of chocolate?

29.5g sugar – A typical 53g bar of milk chocolate.

9.8g sugar – A 125g tub of Killowen 4-pack strawberry yogurt.

A 125g tub of Killowen’s 4-pack of strawberry yogurt has a third of the sugar versus a typical 53g bar of milk chocolate. Many of us snack more than once a day between the morning, afternoon and/or evening. Snacks are fine as part of a balanced diet as long as there is a healthy mix. At Killowen, we believe it’s about variety and balance, not deprivation!

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