The most widely accepted benefits of eating a standard portion (100g) of yogurt are below.

  • Vitamins (Vitamins B5 & B12, calcium, iodine, phosphorus, potassium, riboflavin & more.
  • Live cultures contain probiotics, which are bacteria that benefit the digestive tract (also known as the colon).
  • Yogurt’s protein content helps muscle recovery.
  • For many people who cannot tolerate milk, yogurt is digestible  as the yogurt-making process breaks down lactose and parts of the proteins in milk.

There are numerous other areas (cholesterol, blood pressure, the immune system) where regular yogurt consumption is thought to have a positive impact. At Killowen, we believe that using our own cow’s milk, adding less sugar, and having nothing artificial in any of our products gives a great nutritional balance, and in addition, the taste is a treat!