IMG_5050_HomepageFor us, dairy farming is all about the cattle eating fresh grass to give the best quality milk. As long as the weather is warm enough to keep the grass growing, the cows graze and wander in the fresh air. In Ireland, during the winter the grass stops growing and it’s too cold for the cows, so all farms have to bring them indoors for a few months where they are fed things like silage.

What makes our location special? Rain is the first thing that comes to mind in Ireland when we think of the climate. Of course rain is needed in dairy farming, but some in parts of Ireland, it can be too much of a good thing. Being in the southeast, county Wexford generally stays warmer and drier than in most other parts. In addition, just a few miles from the farm are the Blackstairs mountains which protect us from the Atlantic bad-weather that makes it through the mountain ranges further the west in Ireland. Lastly, Killowen is far enough inland to be protected from the worst of the storms that can hit the south coast. A truly outstanding dairy-farm location!