All the milk we use comes from the cows who graze in the fields on our farm! They walk from the fields into the parlour where they are milked and the fresh milk travels less than 10 metres through a pipe before it starts to be turned into yogurt.

Our cows’ lifestyles involve lots of fresh grass, clean air and a gentle routine which they enjoy. They all have names which reflect their personalities: Bella, Sunbeam, Dew and Mitzi are just a few.

The cows live out in the fields from February to November and eat about 70 kg of grass daily. In winter they move indoors and are housed in cubicles with comfortable rubber mats to lie on. They are fed twice a day and enjoy a varied diet of grass silage, maize silage, beet, straw and meal.

The cows get two months’ rest from milking every year to ensure they stay healthy and happy. They have a calf every year and the females join the herd and live here on the farm with their mothers and grandmothers, while the males are sold to be reared as beef cattle.

In the milking season the cows are milked twice a day, around 7.30 am and 4 pm. We can milk 16 cows at a time and it takes about an hour and a half to milk the whole herd. They enjoy the routine and will appear at the gate to be milked if Sean is running late!

Lots of cows-milk travels many kilometres sitting in a truck before it even gets to the factory which doesn’t make sense in our view. It’s another reason to make the product on the farm where the main ingredient comes from!