Butlers Pantry Orange & Yogurt Tea Cake

Butlers Pantry Orange and Yogurt CakeHere’s a tasty treat courtesy of Niall Hill, Executive Chef of The Butlers Pantry, who stock Killowen Farm yogurt in their 6 Dublin stores.

We tried this cake with raspberries and topped the frosting with toasted flaked almonds- and it was delicious! It also keeps very well in a covered tin for a few days.

Butter melted 175g
Eggs 3
Killowen Farm natural yogurt 150g
Caster sugar 175g
Orange zest 10g
Self-raising flour 225g
Marmalade 50g

Butter 50g
Cream cheese 150g
Icing sugar 425g


• Melt your butter and add to your eggs, yogurt, sugar and zest.
• Stir in your flour and mix well.
• Line the bottom and side of a 8 inch cake tin with parchment.
• Pour the mix in and bake at 190 for 35-40 minutes or until the sponge springs back
• Cool on a cooling rack for an hour. Top with the marmalade.
• For the topping cream the butter until soft add in the cream cheese and icing sugar and mix well. Spread on top of the cake and garnish as you see fit.

Niall’s Extra Tips:

1)You can replace the orange zest with raspberries or blue berries
2)For extra texture, top the frosting with crunchy granola